The Best Mattresses To Keep You Healthy



Mattresses are used to give maximum comfort to the customers. They buy a product to get benefit from it. There are a lot of companies in the market which are competing in order to get maximum profit. Due to their fight customers are getting the best mattresses ever. How would you feel when you get to know that the mattress you are sleeping on is made by NASA? Memory foam was innovated by NASA for the safeguard of the pilots and passengers of the plane. Due to the comfort it has provided, it was later on used to manufacture mattresses. It is a good product, if you are concerned about the health.

Memory Foam

In 1970s, tempur foam was invented by NASA for the betterment of seat cushion and to protect the passengers and pilots from the crash. It is also called temper foam and is made of a material called viscoelastic. The material is soft and absorbs energy which helps in reducing the mobility and acts as an add-on for the mattresses and pillows.
It moulds according to the shape of the body by reacting with the pressure and heat. Due to this, the pressure is not exerted on a particular area and it does not harm the skin and joints. Due to the resilience feature it comes back to its normal position when the pressure is removed. Because of the closed cell structure, it absorbs heat.

The main problem which customers faced while using memory foam was the strong gas odor. Later on, all the mattresses were treated with eucalyptus to give a refreshing odor.




Gel mattresses share all the features of memory foam with an additional feature of coolness. The tiny beads of the gel bond with the foams in order to allow airflow. Due to this the temperature of the mattress remains controlled throughout the night. The mattress does not sink deep because the gel beads provide strength to the foam.


Memory foam and gel are both best for a customer in all means. They have refreshing smell. With the high technology used in the formation of the mattresses, it absorbs heat and provides coolness to the person sleeping over it. Gel based mattresses are the higher version of memory foam. With the gel technology, it becomes perfect for the customers who are concerned about their health and sleep. They help in keeping the back pain away from you. Both of them provide a sound sleep to the person relaxing on it.