What You Don’t Know About Sleep Number Adjustable Beds


There are, as one may know, a cornucopia of brands, styles, models and makes of latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses and adjustable bed solutions. The internet does not make choosing any easier as a Google search for “adjustable beds” provides you with a near endless list of links to websites claiming that their adjustable beds will change your life. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all out there as the specific needs of a person are met through a variety of combinations of mattresses and adjustable beds.

What’s Special About Sleep Number Adjustable Beds?

One of the fastest growing trends in adjustable beds though, is that of the Sleep Number systems. Many have seen the commercials on television or on the internet while some have not. What sets the sleep number beds apart is their “Sleep IQ” technology. The mattresses basically ‘study’ you as you sleep throughout the night to determine what kind of sleeper you are and at the same time provide you with the ability to improve your sleep by making the necessary adjustments with the click of a button. According to this review of adjustable beds on Yahoo Finance, not only is this feature available to adults but there is even a software developed for children as well with the SleepIQ Kids technology that similarly lets parents know how their child is sleeping and what adjustments can be made to achieve a better night’s sleep.

Adjust Your Sleeping Angle As Well As The Mattress Firmness

The added value, then, of a sleep number adjustable bed system, is not only the flexibility of an adjustable bed but also the luxury of knowing your sleep and being able to adjust the firmness of the mattress itself.

Experience Zero Gravity, At The Comfort Of Your Bedroom

The FlexFit adjustable bed series provide sleepers with the full sleep number experience. It depends mainly on what they want. The FlexFit 1 Adjustable base affords users some measure of adjustability for a reasonable price. For $500 more consumers can have the FlexFit2 Adjustable base which comes with the added functions of ‘zero gravity’, temporarily and gently raising the partners head to alleviate snoring and a timer that will return the bed to the users’ favorite sleeping position. And for yet another $500, users may enjoy endless adjustability with even more features from the FlexxFit 3 complete with all other functions including under-bed and night stand lighting as well as a massage. All three bases come in different sizes and with varying prices as the consumer’s customization may vary.



Pairing any one of these adjustable bases with a sleep number mattress will certainly improve sleep and the style of this mattress can vary depending on one’s preference. Those who wish to adjust each side of the bed separately, however, may consider the FlexTop or SplitKing mattresses.