Long Distance Movers | Safety Tips To Safeguard Your Property While On The Move

Although long distance movers try to ensure the safety of your property, there are things that may be inevitable or outside their control. Thus, it is best that you consider some of the safety and wise tips to prevent disasters or mishaps to your items.

Packing and Inspection with Long Distance Movers

Packing of items is beyond the control of long distance movers. Thus, it is only wise to know how to pack your items by yourself. During a long distance transport, your items will be taken care of by tons of workers. It will even be placed in a truck for long periods. See to it that every item is well-packed and cushioned to avoid any breakage. Make sure that nothing is loose and the containers in your travelling boxes are completely sealed. Likewise, it is important that you inspect every travelling box before you allow the long distance movers to transport it. Although it will cost you much in purchasing high-quality travelling boxes, it is still worth the penny since your items will be protected. A lot can happen during the travel. So, it’s better to expect the worse than being sorry when you receive your damaged special items.

Packing Liquids or Food and Minding the Delivery Window

You should always bear in mind not to pack liquids and food when you opt for long distance moving. Even non-perishable goods get damaged during the travel, how much more in the case of perishable ones? Also, the presence of food can attract unwanted stowaway animals that might damage your items in the course of searching for that food. Even well-sealed food containers can cause unpredictable seepage that may fuse or mix with other items in your travelling box. This is why long distance movers would highly recommend not packing liquids or food. In addition, it is important that you are mindful of the delivery window. The reason is that there are companies that allow a delivery window in excess of 25 business days. Some even exclude holidays and weekends.

Organize Your Own Items

Although the long distance movers are professionals and have sufficient knowledge on how to pack your items, it is still important that you pack them yourself. In this way, you will get the assurance that no possibility of seepage or damage. Also, you should never forget to label the travelling boxes. Group the items which are not fragile and group those which you consider as special items. Just make sure that you organize and mark the boxes properly.

Determine Your Area’s Move-In Agreements

If you own a condo, an apartment, or just simply renting, your area may possess certain requirements that are required for long distance movers to meet. For example, you will have to make a reservation on the elevators for easy and quick transport of your items. There are also instances when owners of the area will not allow the entry of professional movers at a certain time. Hence, it is imperative that you should know the rules about moving.


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