Going For A Vintage and Retro Wedding

There is a reason why people love everything 'Vintage'. Some of the styles and fashions of days gone by are absolutely stunning and timeless. If you are thinking of going Vintage or Retro with your wedding, then you should know that you are in good company. Some of the best wedding dresses were designed in the 1920's and going with that beautiful retro look will set your ceremony apart from these new-age styles that are now common place.

Lovepear, a wedding photographer in Kent provides some simple tips to help you design the perfect vintage or retro wedding.

Dress The Part.
Besides the deco, this is the most important part of the ceremony if you want it retro. Depending on the era you choose, you can either go:

- With an early 60's look that encompasses a Jackie Kennedy sheath, a netted veil and a white pillbox hat.
- If you want to invoke the hippie era, then wear a short lace dress and a floral headpiece. Your bridesmaids can dress in bright floral print or pastels.

Most of these vintage clothes can be found in Vintage Shops or any flea market. You do not necessarily have to wear second hand clothes for your big day, you can simply use these designs as inspiration for your dress maker to work with to recreate the perfect retro dress for you. You can also find many retro wedding photos online to give you inspiration of how this can be applied to a modern day wedding.

Deco and Retro Wedding Favours.
To complete the look, you have to make sure the wedding venue is decorated with the kind of paraphernalia that reflects the era you are going for. Don't overlook the music too, as the band should also play music from that era. Classic rock sounds really good when done by a professional band that actually knows what they are doing. It important that you also brush up on the dance moves of those days gone by for those brilliant wedding photo opportunities.

From a professional wedding photographer point of view, retro or vintage wedding ceremonies have a tendency to look really good on camera. This is mostly because people in these past eras used to take grooming and looking their best very seriously, plus the application of make-up was really rather good. Any wedding photographer in Kent would be happy to provide you with the appropriate photography skills for the era too, and can can apply photo effects to provide the same type of vintage look you might expect.

Finish off with arriving and departing your wedding day in a fantastic vintage car. There are many wedding day transport options available, and a fabulous set of wheels is guaranteed to look stunning in any photos.